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Gauging impacts of the 2020 crisis on the oil-producing companies

Introduction Today’s column shifts focus from determining direct impacts on oil production, price, government revenue and their consequential effects on GDP arising from the 2020 general crisis (as I have portrayed this process) on Guyana’s infant oil and gas sector towards gauging impacts, going  forward, on the leading transnational producer grouping in this sector: ExxonMobil and partners. 

Guyana’s Infant Oil and Gas Sector: The IDB’s application of IMF’s fiscal analysis model for crude oil production

Introduction As promised last week, today’s column begins with my presentation of a simple schedule depicting the sequencing of the five projects of ExxonMobil and its partners around which the IDB has modeled Guyana’s oil and gas sector to 2025 in its recent report, ‘Traversing a Slippery Slope: Guyana’s Oil Opportunity, 2020.’

The IDB on the fiscal mechanisms of its PSAs

Introduction To round off my evaluation of Guyana’s emergent oil and gas sector in its very first year, I shall report in coming columns on the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Technical Note, IDB-TN-1994, published August, 2020 and entitled, ‘Traversing a Slippery Slope: Guyana’s Oil Opportunity.’

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