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Guyana Petroleum Road Map Part 2, Guidepost 5: More on the developmental rationale for the Buxton “Oil-for-Cash” Transfers to Households

Introduction In today’s column I shall continue the effort to offer readers, as careful an assessment as I can of the “reasonings” (developmental rationale), underpinning the Buxton Proposal of “oil-for-cash” transfers to Guyanese households, as the final element of the Guyana’s Petroleum Road Map, as I have been describing it.

The Buxton Proposal: Cash Transfers to Households

Introduction At the start of 2019, I had set about the long task of portraying for this series of columns the systematic delineation of a strategic road map for both the “getting and spending” of Guyana’s expected Government Take, arising from its fast-emerging oil and gas sector.

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