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The front cover of Poems For Mary

Book review: Ian McDonald’s Poems For Mary

Acts of Kindness Family visiting, cousins from the old days, hadn’t been back for forty years, refugees from the bad days of nothing in the shops, fear of always being below, no future for the children, they with gifts, brought back memories, then it was bare food my wife didn’t have; now it was a tablecloth wonderfully embroidered and, for me, bottles of Niagara wine.

The cover of the Guyana Classics Library’s collection of the first three volumes of Kyk-Over-Al

The contribution of imitative verse to Guyanese poetry

Attunement of the Senses             Who has an eye for Nature’s beauteous forms And lends an ear to trap her melody, Will see the rose a sudden scarlet blush When shyly bursting forth in dewy morn; Observe the riotous splash of colour spilled Across the palest blue of Heaven’s dome; Will harken to the noise of kneeling grass Which furious, fitful winds keep trampling o’er; Will hear the symphony of weeping skies Euphoniously played on tresses green; Will smell the dampness of the rain-scoured earth And deep inhale the fragrance of its flowers; Will taste the freshness of the laughing brook And smack the lips in sheer delight of being; Will feel a oneness with Divinity, Dynamic; indivisible; serene All these and more perceived and understood Is proof .

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