A new spinner in town

Move over Roger Luncheon, there’s a new ‘spinner’ in town and his name is Ashni Kumar Singh!

Optimism is not enough, Sir Ron

It’s nice of the one-time Guyanese broadcaster – frankly, one of the best in his time amongst a whole bunch of top of the line radio men and women……….sigh – turned high-level diplomat, Sir Ronald Sanders to wish us well in his cross or crutch comment on our hunt for oil and natural gas.

Spare us the rhetoric, Robert!

Now that the general elections are over and the political pitch is beginning to offer a more even bounce (far too even in the opinion of many) the PNCR’s Comrade Leader  has come out to bat again, opting for a sort of 20/twenty style.

What to do about Mashramani

Minister Frank has upped and added some fuel to the fire of that long-simmering  Mashramani saga.

Cricket Board throws in the towel

Local cricket has now been firmly launched into orbit. It took a while but once the political administration took off the velvet glove and decided that the way forward was to simply bludgeon the Board out of existence the GCB simply didn’t stand a chance.

AG Anil from the top end

……….de Cricket Board callin fuh helmet

So the government has gone into overdrive in its unending feud with the members of the besieged and now, it seems, outlawed Guyana Cricket Board.

Come on NCN!

Let’s hope that neither the Suriname Embassy in Georgetown nor any of President Bouterse’s news-monitoring aides in Paramaribo regularly monitor NCN’s hourly news casts; if they do then Takuba Lodge may be the recipient of a terse diplomatic note protesting NCN’s recent reference to President Desi Bouterese as President Donald Ramotar’s “Dutch counterpart.” Check it out NCN news moguls!

What to make of President Ramotar’s pronouncement

On the surface at least President Ramotar appears to have thrown a spanner into the political works by accusing APNU and the AFC of manipulating the general elections results at Linden, thus denying the PPP/C the few percentage points that they needed to take them into the parliamentary promised land.

RUSAL having a warm time at Kwakwani

A Kwakwani source has sent us a report that RUSAL’s Russian Managers are looking around for another location at which to entertain themselves.

Somebody forgot to tell the state paper?

It appears that someone completely forgot to tell the state-run newspaper that the day after the President makes a historic presentation to the National Assembly pledging to work together with the political opposition in a new-look Parliament is not the most appropriate day on which to unleash an editorial tirade against one of the political parties with which the government is seeking an accommodation to ensure that every bill that comes before the House is not attended by an outbreak of bloodletting.

The Minister of the Police

Minister of Home Affairs Clement James Rohee has upped and moved himself to Eve Leary and it appears that the move has created an outbreak of “the jitters” among the Police Force’s Top Brass.

They’re letting the Top Cop go

If you want to understand this Kafkaesque society of ours you have to learn to recognize and read the political tea leaves.

Of floods, black plastic bags and political theatre

Those of us who live in towns where floods find us ankle deep in water and filth whenever there is drizzle that goes beyond a few minutes, cannot possibly visualize – even with the help of the pictures that appear in the newspapers – the really hellish conditions that prevail in other more low-lying regions of the country in these La Nina times.

David and Khemraj and de boys and girls must get cracking now!

What on earth are Granger and Ramjattan and their merry men and women waiting for before they ‘get on their bikes’ and start moving around this country, taking the pulse of the people, finding out what their concerns are and start representing those concerns to the people like self-respecting opposition political parties should?

Ferreting out our child molesters

We cannot afford to wait any longer! We must read a riot act against those miscreants who sate their twisted sexual pleasures by molesting our children and leaving ugly physical and mental scars on their young lives.

Get your act together, Anil

There was a distinct tone of gracelessness to the comment by our Attorney General and Justice Minister and maybe even Senior Counsel in waiting, Anil Nandlall in his response to the comment made by Khemraj Ramjattan that the AG could help out the opposition in the drafting of legislation.

Any cow pasture will do

The recent disclosure that OUR 2012 Olympics hopefuls now have no choice but to travel overseas to access proper training facilities and a more competitive warm up environment must surely be one of the least auspicious moments in the political career of Sports Minister  Frank Anthony.

Are you there, Juan?

Could someone shed some light on the goings on with the first Bishop ever to be appointed to a Ministerial position in Guyana!

Oil don’t spoil

The word out there is that now that CGX has announced that the oil rig The Ocean Saratoga has been dispatched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Guyana/Suriname Basin to start drilling for oil, large numbers of ‘better off’ Guyanese are busy googling the various Japanese used car websites, sizing up those high-performance gas guzzlers that they have been denied for so long.

Keeping Mr. Jagdeo in the news

It appears that a certain newspaper has picked up the vibe about the sudden and near complete disappearance of ex President Jagdeo from the news since early December and has decided to do something about it….Except that in its eagerness to correct the situation it certainly appears that they have gone about it in the wrong way.

UG enduring

The University of Guyana Students Society (UGSS) has pulled itself up to its full intellectual height and fired a warning shot across the bow of the ship of state, calling for the government to get its act together, to provide them with facilities deserving of a Twenty First Century higher institution of learning.

Time to take the campaign posters down

Whenever will those banners exhorting people to “VOTE” for this party or that party and those pictures of the people who are now the winners and losers at last November’s general elections stop adorning lamp posts and traffic light signal canisters in the city.

Football! Oh, Football!

Here’s a riddle for readers! What do Guyana Football Federation President (on protracted suspension) Colin Klass and ex-President Jagdeo have in common.

Restoring the fallen to favour

Is the appointment of Navin Chandarpal  as a Presidential Adviser the first really clear-cut sign that Mr.

Guess Who Came To Dinner

This year’s Annual Police New Year’s Eve Ball was graced with a surprise visitor in the person of Police Commissioner (on leave) Henry Greene.

Cricket in de jungle

One might have thought that the clever thing for President Ramotar to have done was to drop the calumnies of local cricket from his own agenda and get on with the business of fashioning his own agenda.

Wishing away Mayor Green and his Councillors

On Old Year’s Night some of the church-going citizens of Georgetown were reportedly heard praying urgently that on the stroke of midnight a brisk breeze would descend on the capital and that all of the garbage in the city would be caught up, like a rapture and swept away… and they were praying too that Mayor Green and his Councillors would not be spared by the rapture; that they too would become caught up and retired quietly to their respective homes.

Wonder what 2012 will bring?

We enter a new year with a new President though it has to be said that that is where the newness stops.

Real democracy?

The November 28 elections came and went without too much fuss or fanfare.

The Doctor………..again

It’s well worth the while for those of us who know better to take some time off to make the point to Roger Luncheon that a time will come when scholars of media history will decide to sit down with the mountains of recordings of all of the strange pronouncements that he has unleashed upon this nation and decide that when it comes to propaganda the Doctor might  be incomparable……….and even if we concede that such a thing may not happen for several years down the road  you have to wonder whether Roger is not concerned about how history will judge him.

Waiting on APNU

With the entire Republic looking forward with bated breath to the first sitting of the National Assembly, one has to wonder as to the reason why – at least according to President Ramotar – APNU has called for the postponement of the summoning of the august body.

Anyone seen BJ?

A month has passed since the National Elections and people are already asking whether B.J.

Parliamentary Arithmetic

After the results of the November 28 General Elections were announced, re-instated Prime Minister Samuel Hinds was heard to say that the PPP/C would have much preferred to secure that extra seat that would have given it control of the National Assembly but that it is prepared to work with the two opposition political parties who control that single seat majority to ensure that we are able to run the country without having all hell break loose every time Parliament is convened.

Winners and losers

Who won and who lost the November 28 elections depends on how you look at it.

Hitting hurdles

It might be very much premature to suggest that the opposition parliamentary majority has fallen at the first hurdle but it certainly appears as though they have hit that hurdle……HARD.

Ministers moving in and out

Rumours are rife about all that is happening with the changing of the ministerial guard at the various government ministries.

Trading Places

Everybody says Mr. Ramotar is no Bharrat Jagdeo. That is true in several senses.

Team Ramotar

President Donald’s new Cabinet has been a revelation. He has shocked some of us into silence.