The 2014 Auditor General’s report (Part I)

It was recently drawn to my attention that I had made a mistake in a number of my articles when making reference to the Public Corporation Act of 1988 and that there was an amendment to the Act which I did not take into account.

Last Friday’s book launch

Last Friday, there was a launching of my book entitled “Public Accountability at the Crossroads: the Guyana Experience” under the auspices of the Transparency Institute Guyana Inc.

That $3 billion loan from GGMC to CH&PA (Part II)

Last Friday, two news items caught my eyes. The first was the Chief Justice’s ruling that the Minister of Finance violated the Constitution by authorising withdrawals from the Consolidated Fund without parliamentary approval, thereby causing excess expenditure totalling $4.554 billion to be incurred during the first half of 2014.