Every practising veterinarian would have been confronted by clients who shiver in fear as they present their pets who they believe are suffering from cancer.

Feeding elderly dogs

– the final ‘wrap–up’ column After more than 45 years of veterinary practice and participating in dozens of ‘refresher’ courses which share the latest knowledge in animal health matters, it has become clear to me that pet owners, over the years, still ask the same questions relative to the best nutritional regime for an elderly pet.

Feeding the old dog

Over the last few weeks we have been writing about the preferred feeding regimes of puppies, young adults, pregnant and lactating bitches, etc. 

Feeding older puppies

(Continued from last week) Before we launch into today’s theme, allow me to mention that someone – after reading last week’s column – asked me how one could distinguish between a young puppy and an older puppy. 

Feeding and nutrition of young and older puppies

The nutrition of companion animals (pets) has received considerable interest during the recent decades, and certain large manufacturers of dog and cat foods have conducted extensive research and feeding trials, in order to establish nutritious diets that need no supplementation. 

Human-dog interactions

For one thing, I have observed that, over the past few decades, more and more publications, articles, surveys, research projects and studies are being documented. 

Dogs training humans?

Dogs training humans? We have just completed weeks of discussing canine paediatrics and how to choose the right pup to live in your home, as an integral part of your family for the next decade or more.

Canine paediatrics

(Continued from last week) You may recall that we were discussing the features to which special attention must be paid when we are purchasing or adopting a young puppy. 

Canine paediatrics

(Continued from last week)   Weaning The time to wean the pups away from the mother depends upon several factors which include the size of the litter.

Puppy ailments

Continued from last week  Hernias Colloquially, all over the English speaking world, people describe hernias as ‘ruptures’. 

Puppy ailments

Continued from last week   So far, we have discussed some of the common problems that incapacitate puppies within the first few weeks of their lives. 

Puppy ailments

(Continued from last week)  Herpes virus of young puppies Some of you may recall that, a few decades ago, there was a great awareness of herpes virus infections in the sexually active human population. 

Puppy ailments

Continued from last week   Puppy septicaemia (blood poisoning) Last week, I mentioned that as a sequel to a navel infection, a septicaemia could develop. 

Pet paediatrics: Puppy ailments

Continued  Problems at the navel site (1)  Bleeding When a puppy is in the womb, it is connected to its mother by the umbilical cord which contains tubes (one vein and two arteries) which bring in nutrients and take out impure blood.