‘Social credit’ should be explored for the displaced sugar workers

Dear Editor, Having been a member of the Commission of Inquiry which made some specific recommendations for the sugar industry over two years ago, I have naturally been reluctant to make any public comment on the industry or its employees, or the increasing numbers of suggestions/recommendations being publicly offered by various concerned individuals and organizations.

Banks does not procure molasses from any source for the production of XM

Dear Editor, Reference is made to an article published on January 4th in Stabroek News captioned ‘DDL eying Enmore estate in bid to ensure molasses supply’ where it is reported on page 21 “Banks DIH officials said that the estate closures have no direct impact on their operations as they purchase molasses from Panama and they “are not as big on rum production as DDL.” Please be advised that Banks DIH Limited does not own or operate a distillery and does not procure molasses from any source whatsoever in the production of its world acclaimed Xtra Mature (XM rum).

City Hall frittered away five weeks

Dear Editor, It has long been my belief (and experience) that Guyanese engage in a protracted go-slow during the entire month of December. 

The voting issue is one of trust

Dear Editor, I had posited the view in an earlier letter that race and ethnicity, even though critical variables in terms of voting preferences, should not be considered immutable and a permanent fixture in our political landscape.

Positive initiatives

Dear Editor, There were two news items recently which caught my attention: One has to do with the possibility of Guyana securing the rights to be a host venue of this year’s ICC Women’s T20 World Cup; and the other tells of the Ministry of Social Cohesion and the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport’s plans to take Mash events countrywide  into the various Regions.

Was the relaying of the Providence pitch a success or a failure?

Dear Editor, Sometime last year the Providence Stadium cricket pitch was relaid. At the time the authorities said it was being done to improve the pace of the wicket, which had previously been considered a spinner’s paradise and which did little to improve the quality of our cricket.

Guyana cannot develop natural gas without partnering with an outside investor

Dear Editor, In an article which appeared in the news media on Dec 29, it was reported that the Minister of Public Infra-structure (MPI), David Patterson, told reporters at his end-of-year press conference that a multi-disciplinary team has been meeting with ExxonMobil to review identifiable onshore sites for the storage and distribution of natural gas expected to be produced as a by-product from oil fields being developed off Guyana’s Atlantic Coast.