Day of mourning

Dear Editor, What ever became of the Day of Mourning for the fishermen who died in that recent horrible pirate attack?

‘I am not a racist’

Dear Editor, I have always found fascinating, even disturbing, that claim, that forced defensive utterance, “I am not a racist.”  Is that possible? 

Mae’s owes Karen Small and her son a public apology

Dear Editor, In his speech to the nation to commemorate Guyana’s 52nd Anniversary of Independence, President Granger urged greater protection of the nation’s children and said, “we need to bequeath to them, much more than we inherited from our own parents”.

I have no problems with Guyana Goldfields

Dear Editor, It is with utter disgust and disbelief that I read a letter in the Kaieteur News this week suggesting that I was one of the contractors who hold a grouse against Guyana Goldfields which is very much untrue.

Reasons behind the horrible GuySuCo yields

Dear Editor, I have tried to remain silent for three years, but it is becoming a problem and if I don’t release some of my pent up frustration I am afraid that I will burst. 

Guyana Prize and cliquism

Dear Editor, I have read Gideon Cecil’s letter on May 18, 2018 in the Guyana Chronicle, and I think it requires some clarifications on what the issue should be.

Cats can help depressed persons

Dear Editor, According to the 2014 World Health Organization report, the suicide rate in Guyana is five times higher than the world average rate.

Will outreach still be held?

Dear Editor,  An ad appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek advising that the GPSCCU will be hosting an Outreach on Friday, June 1.

Loss of cultural identity and Guyana Carnival

Dear Editor, Professor Al Creighton’s article in the Sunday Stabroek, May 20, 2018, `Guyana Carnival: a new imitative contrivance’ and the Stabroek News, Tuesday, May 22, 2018 news item `Imitation Carnival puts Guyana’s tradition at risk’, were pieces which should stir Guyanese consciousness.

Apology over Atlantic Gardens works

Dear Editor, On Sunday May 13, The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, through its contractor, undertook construction works in the Atlantic Gardens area as part of the Upgrade of the East Coast Demerara Roadway from Better Hope to Belfield.

Corporate entities should follow ExxonMobil’s example in relation to sport

Dear Editor, Mostly recognised for its activities in the energy business the recent extension of support offered by ExxonMobil to an upcoming junior football tournament and its earlier backing for hockey must serve as a wakeup call for some local corporate entities who fail to honour their corporate obligations.

Ms Mottley’s win

Dear Editor, It’s not the hurricane season just yet, but the winds of change have blown ruthlessly and decisively across Barbados bringing a 30-nil victory to the BLP and making Mia Mottley the first female Prime Minister of that country, joining an illustrious list of female office holders in the Caribbean and indeed worldwide.