Nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, Why is Berbice being so severely discriminated against? Our national government seems comfortable with building, maintaining and subsidizing the operation of a new Demerara River Bridge (reportedly, in addition to the existing Demerara River Bridge); commuters pay the paltry sum of $100 for a car to use the bridge while the same commuter, who pays the same taxes to the Government, has to pay virtually twenty times more to cross the Berbice River Bridge…..and now there are moves afoot to add insult to injury by a substantial increase in the fees to cross the Berbice Bridge.

The contention that Jagdeo is unbeatable is erroneous

Dear Editor, In an effort to maintain political objectivity I chose to write this letter sometime after the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the issue of Presidential term limits in the Guyana Constitution, to avoid becoming a victim to the obvious sensational atmosphere that the ruling engendered.    

No more Sweet Broom tea

Dear Editor, I have noted with increasing concern the behaviour of Junior Minister Simona Broomes.

Vital infrastructure should not be in private hands

Dear Editor, Important and major infrastructural works such as roads, bridges, harbours as well as water supply and electricity generation should not, in my view,  be put in the hands of private individuals or companies.

Dams vital for Region Six rice farmers in terrible shape

Dear Editor, In Guyana while the Ministry of Agriculture is spending $40 million this year on improved rice varieties, enhanced rice production and improved quality, a huge acreage of rice is being spoiled in the fields in Region 6. 

Every aspect of drug contract with HDM Labs is suspicious, the Minister must provide answers

Dear Editor, Reference is made to articles appearing in Kaieteur News on the 8th day of July 2018, under the caption `NY-based company sole sourced in $366M drug contract -major local suppliers disqualified’ and in Stabroek News on the 9th day of July 2018, under the caption `Questions raised about Ministry’s sole-sourcing of $367m in drugs from HDM Labs’.

Attempts being made to tarnish Mr Harbhajan

Dear Editor, Nearly a month ago I penned a letter to the press complimenting Mr Gobin Harbhajan on his stance against corruption by AFC members in Berbice.

Minister Broomes’ behaviour at the parking lot was despicable

Dear Editor, After viewing the CCTV video of the parking-lot incident involving Minister Simona Broomes and two security guards, I expect Acting Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine having seen the video himself, to now instruct that all pending charges against those two security guards be dropped with an apology.

Gov’t obligated to honour teachers deal

Dear Editor, The APNU+AFC administration has reportedly refused to honour a number of recommendations made by a Committee it set up  to examine increases in salaries and other benefits for teachers on the grounds that it will put a strain on the national budget.

GECOM not responsible for creation of new Neighbourhood Democratic Councils

Dear Editor, The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has noted in some sections of the media that there are accusations that the Commission has demonstrated a “lack of concern at the creation of new Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.” That creative function does not fall within the remit of GECOM.

NIS needs a system for handling queries from the general public

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me some space in your newspaper’s’ letter section to bring to notice, and hopefully, provide some guidance to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) on their woeful ineptitude when dealing with queries from the general public.

Guyanese born writer wins Caribbean Studies Association 2018 book award

Dear Editor, Guyanese born writer and United States Professor Lomarsh Roopnarine’s book “Indian Carib-bean: Migration and Identity in the Diaspora (2018),” published by the University Press of Mississippi, is the winner of the prestigious Carib-bean Studies Association (CSA) 2018 Gordon K.

Shah, Carter and McDonald were also locally based Guyana Prize winners

Dear Editor In my letter of July 6, 2018, “Not true that Guyana Prize has shown bias towards writers in exile,” I did not mention the following: Ryhaan Shah’s career as a novelist virtually began with the publication of “A Silent Life” (Peepal Tree, 2005). 

Heads should roll at City Constabulary for Stabroek Market multi-million dollar heist

Dear Editor, It took almost four days for a weak, inept and pathetic response to come from the City about the multi-million heist, during which it was revealed ‘that the City Constabulary officers were on patrol of the area, at the time of the robbery’ (“City Council had guards posted at Stabroek Market …heist “KN July 6).

Can we have the potholes fixed on 18th St, Diamond, EBD?

Dear Editor, It is very frustrating living at the last four corner of 18th Street, Diamond, East Bank Demerara and hearing the screeching, scraping, grazing, banging, thumping and swearing as drivers try to manoeuvre their way out from three dangerous potholes at the intersection.

Many questions still to be answered on $30b financing for sugar

Dear Editor, Almost a month after the disbursement of $17B of the $30B borrowed by National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) for the sugar industry from commercial banks, the nation remains in dark in respect of the real purpose of the loan.

A big thank you to Paul Harris

Dear Editor, A “big thank you” for Paul Harris’ daily offerings of Politikles and his other works. 

Mottley has shown leadership on question of free movement for Haitians

Dear Editor, The opportunity is being taken to publicly commend Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley for leading the way in treating with our Caribbean sisters and brothers of Haiti, with her government’s decision to lift the visa restriction for these nationals’ entry into Barbados. 

Basil Williams’ role in my treason case

Dear Editor, I have noticed that the race for Chairmanship of the People’s National Congress is heating up, and the three ‘Old School’ candidates are campaigning aggressively.