Peace Lily

Do not overwater your Peace Lily as this can cause the plant’s leaves to yellow.

The Flamingo plant

Justicia carnea commonly called Jacobinea or Flamingo Plant originated in Brazil and there are approximarely 300 species in the Justicia genus.

Pomegranate the wonder fruit!

Pomegranate is an exotic antioxidant and one of the superfruits. It is rich in nutrients which makes it popular around the world and the seeds are an excellent source of fibre.

Pomegranate, the wonder fruit

Punica granatum commonly called Pomegranate originated in Iran (formerly called Persia). It is one of the oldest fruits and is mentioned in the Bible.

Spike your lawn now!

During the week, I inspected some lawns around the outskirts of the city and for crying out loud, most of them are in need of help!

Culinary ginger

This year almost every Christmas event had lot and lots of freshly brewed ginger beer.

The symbol of Christmas

(Continued from last week) Last week I received the most marvellous marble and velvet red Poinsettias plants along with several Christmas cards with beautiful red poinsettias covering the front.

A Christmas tree for the tropics

Araucaria excels, commonly called Norfolk Island Pine or just Christmas Tree originated from Norfolk Island in the South Pacific which is an Australian territory off the coast of Australia.

The Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta commonly called Sago Palm originated from Japan in the Far East.

The Sealing wax palm

Cyrtostachys renda, commonly called the Lipstick or Sealing wax palm is another exotic palm in the Palmae family.

Fishtail palm

Caryota mitis commonly called Fishtail palm originated in India and South-east Asia. The leaves of the Fishtail palm are unique; they are shaped like the tails of fish, hence the name Fishtail palm.

Macarthur Palm

Ptychosperma Macarthurii, the Macarthur Palm, commonly called the Hurricane Palm originated in New Guinea and Australia.

Christmas Palm

Veitchia merrillii commonly called Christmas Palm or Manila Palm originated in the Philippines and the South Pacific and has adapted well in Guyana, the Caribbean and Florida.

The Golden palm

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens commonly called Areca palm, Golden palm or Butterfly palm originates from Madagascar where sadly it is now endangered and very rare.

The popular palm

Palms having adapted well hundreds of years ago to the tropics and the Caribbean are now very common in local landscaping.

The oriental

Rhapis excelsa commonly called Lady Palm originated from southern China and Taiwan.   There are approximately 2,500 palm species in the palm family.

Mexican creeper

06Corallita commonly called Mexican creeper originated from Mexico, Central America and belongs to the Polygonaceae family – ie, the Buckwheat family.


Momordica charantia commonly called Carilla, bitter melon or bitter gourd originated from the Indian sub-continent.

Dwarf Mussaenda

Last week I wrote about the magnificent Mussaenda in colours of red, white, pink and dark pink.


Mussaenda erythrophylla, commonly called Ashanti blood or Red mussaenda originated from West Africa.


Pruning can improve the look of your plants. Most plants grow better and stay healthier with a little pruning.

Dwarf golden apple

Dwarf ambarella commonly called Dwarf golden apple originated in the South Pacific and spread throughout the Caribbean, Florida South and Central America.

Grow your own sweet basil

Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) originated from India and Iran. Basil found its way into Italy brought by early travelers via the Mediterranean.


Celery originated from the Mediterranean. It was originally used for medicinal purposes as the seeds contain oil.


Coriander, commonly called dhania on the Indian subcontinent and cilantro or Chinese parsley in Europe and the Americas, originated from southern Europe and the Middle East.


Mentha, commonly called mint, originated from the Mediterranean and belongs to the Lamiaceae family.

Thai basil

Have you ever thought of growing your own kitchen herbs in pots or window boxes?

Cassia fistula

Cassia fistula commonly called Golden Shower tree or Indian Laburnum as its name suggests, originated from the Indian sub-continent and South-east Asia.

Changing colours

Brunfeisia pauciflora commonly called ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ originated from Brazil, and is found throughout South and Central America.

The amazing Gladioli

The most amazing Gladioli corms (bulbs) are available on the market now. Gladiolus (plural Gladioli) commonly called Sword Lily, gets it name from the Latin word gladius which means sword, referring to the shape of the leaves.

The gaily-coloured Zinnia

We are well into the season of annuals, seeds and bulbs. Zinnia elegans commonly called youth and old-age or Mexican Zinnias originated as the name suggests, from Mexico and spread throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.


Flowers are loved for their beauty. There are simply beautiful shades of yellow, pink, salmon, blue, white, red, orange and purple blooming everywhere as the Easter season is upon us.


Caladiums commonly called Angel’s wings or Lucky originated from Brazil and Central America.

Easter lily

Just look at the beautiful flowers in bloom and you can tell it is that time of the year – Easter or Spring as they say in northern climates.

Establishing a Bromeliad tree

Over the past few weeks I have spoken about several species of Bromeliads as decorative potted plants and pineapples which are planted for their commercial value and because they are rich in Vitamin C.

A successful Horticultural Show

Having entered the most entries in almost every class it was no surprise that Mrs Mary McDonald won many of the prizes and was awarded the Overall Winner in 2014 Flower Show held at the Umana Yana last Sunday, walking away with the Miracle Gro prize and trophy. 

The decorative pineapple

Ananas comosus comes from the pineapple family (Bromeliad) and originated from Brazil in South America and spread throughout the Caribbean, Asia and Hawaii.

Get ready for the annual Flower Show

The Horticultural Society has announced that the annual Flower Show will be held on Saturday March 29 and Sunday March 30 at the Umana Yana, Kingston from 10 am to 6 pm each day.

The Blushing bromeliad

Neoregelia commonly called Blushing bromeliad is found throughout South America, Central America and Florida, and grows in trees in the rainforest.

Swordtail Bromeliad

Vriesa splendens commonly called Swordtail or Flaming Sword comes from the bromeliad family and originated from Venezuela and the Guianas where it grows in trees in the rainforest. 

Air plants

Tillandsia commonly called Air plants are epiphytic and come from the Bromeliacea family.

Earth star

Cryptanthus commonly called Earth star comes from the Bromeliacea family and originates from the subtropics of Central and South America.