Chrysanthemums commonly called Mums originated in China. The Chinese grew Chrysanthemums as early as the 15th century.

Easter Lily

Lilium longiflorum commonly called Easter Lily originated in Japan where it blooms abundantly.

Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia milli commonly called Crown of Thorns or Christ of Thorns originated in Madagascar and comes from the Euphorbiaceae family.

Silk Cotton tree

Ceiba pentandra commonly called Kapok tree in Asia and Silk Cotton tree in the Caribbean originated from the American tropics, Asia and Africa Silk Cotton trees can be found in many Caribbean countries and here in Guyana too.

Devil’s Ivy

Golden Pothos commonly called Devil’s Ivy is known worldwide. Devil’s Ivy is an undemanding climbing plant with green and yellow or white variegated leaves.

Grafting and budding

(Continued) If you would like to try grafting and budding, you would need the following:Sterilized budding knife One healthy rootstock plant – disease free (approximately 18 – 24 months old) One healthy shoot (scion approximately 6 – 10 inches long) Budding tapeIn the case of citrus, a lemon rootstock can be used with a shoot (scion) from a lime tree.

Grafting and budding

(continued) The choice of the rootstock depends largely upon being resistant to nematodes and gummosis disease, which is a serious problem in the Caribbean.

Grafting and budding

  Grafting and budding are horticultural techniques used to propagate cultivars which are more vigorous when grown on another plant.

Malabar Spinach

Malabar Spinach commonly called Poi callaloo or Poi bhaji is native to Southern India and is grown widely in the tropics.

Fine thyme

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) commonly called fine-leaf thyme and its cousin Spanish thyme originated from the Mediterranean and are used in many Caribbean dishes.

Culinary ginger

Zingiber officinale commonly called ginger comes from the Zingiberaceae family and originated in South-East Asia.

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine or Christmas Tree, Araucaria excels, originated from Norfolk Island, off the coast of Australia in the South Pacific.

Let us ID and tag Yellow Poui

(Continued from last week) As far as I am aware, the only surviving Yellow Poui is planted outside the Prime Minister’s Residence on Main Street.


(Continued from last week) Heliconias make excellent table and floor fresh flower arrangements and can be found in hotel lobbies, malls, banks, churches and reception halls.

The beautiful heliconia

Heliconias are magnificent and beautiful. A few years ago there were approximately 20 species of heliconia grown in the Caribbean; today, there are more than 400 species in cultivation.

Saplings need protection

In an earlier article, I had implored the authorities to put in place a maintenance plan with the hope of raising the awareness and importance of our trees; to no avail.

Tree trimmers need training

As the hype of making Georgetown a ‘green city’ continues, one can only watch speechlessly as the butchering of trees progresses.


is a showy shrub

Allamanda prefers a rich soil and plenty of water during the hot/dry days.