Woman I am

By Mariatha Causway Aka Jennifer Thomas I am woman I am built strongly Specifically To ride on the emotional waves Of my love On the tides of child bearing

Let’s talk tourism

In this little piece of paradise we call Guyana, we hardly depend on the tourism industry yet we have much to offer.

It’s Mashramani! But is the hard work done?

I would love to know why we really celebrate Mashramani. Ask a school child and he or she will say almost robotically, “Mashramani is a celebration after hard work.”  Hard work my –bleep – Is the work done?

Play more local

The clarion call for local music to be given its rightful place on radio, television and live shows is a song whose refrain is very well known.

Soca or Ragga? love it anyway!

I love Soca music! Absolutely love it! The genre defines my phone’s playlist and I have the energy for it.

Battle in my mind

Honestly, no one knows the constant battles in my head. There are three personas: I call them Joy, Sadness and Anger, all speaking at the same time; all telling stories and trying to solve puzzles.

I stand with the ones…

I stand with the ones who are disrespected, who are wronged and simply put, tired of it all.

Shaking My Head

I know I said all of this before, but it really is worth repeating.

Christmas in GT

The way the season started, I just was not feeling it. Murphy’s Law kicked in and everything that could possibly go wrong did.

(Crazy) people make the world go round

To the casual observer, I’m probably just a shy kid, who always has his phone in his hands, or his headphones plugged into his ears as he walks—as my friend describes it—like a peacock, head in the air, synchronised steps and seeming to have not a care in the world.

Sports and potential

Me, I’m not a sports guy. Not that I hate it: I love playing softball; could slam a few tennis balls; I used to cycle; was great at sprinting and long jumping.


Earlier this week, I sat down with my young cousin helping him study for a literature test.

Christmas is in the air

The glitz and glamour of the commercialised Christmas sparkles everywhere; trees are going up, streets are filled with pedestrian traffic, shops and stalls are springing up all over and police officers are now on almost every city block downtown.

Why not support our own?

There is something awfully sad about the entertainment industry in Guyana. Some people even argue that this industry is non-existent but we do have one; though skewed, it is very present in society.

BB blues

Remember that BlackBerry craze in 2009? Remember it again in 2011? Well you definitely won’t forget 2013’s rush as everyone with a smartphone signed in this week to download BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for the Android and iOS.

Professionalism is the key

There are certain careers where one must display professionalism. No, excuse me, in every career one must display professionalism not just to uphold the goodwill of the company they serve, but because of their own integrity and the need to respect those to whom they provide a service.

50 and counting?

The University of Guyana (UG) is celebrating its golden anniversary this month. Fifty years and still going strong?