Who are we?

Since the 1970s Guyana’s population has been rapidly plummeting, both elites and the working class have been leaving in droves.

Gangnam Style!!!

ROFLOL! Apart from the fact that “Gangnam Style” is an insanely hilarious and crazy song; the video is to die for.

Garden city

I have always considered myself a tourist in my own country. I go overseas and I boast about Guyana.

Guyana time

We as a people can never have a set time. We don’t observe Daylight Saving Time nor do we separate the country into different time zones – so then why is it we have a mixed interpretation of time?

Rise of the Troll

Memes and Trolling have stormed the internet like wildfire; they are indeed the viral sensations that mastered the recent web age.

Celebrities: Just human

Some people look up to celebrities as beacons of inspiration and motivation. From the eccentric Lady Gaga to the emotional Adele, from the dead Michael Jackson to the advocate Beyoncé each one possesses his or her own fan base most of whom mould their lives one way or the other to the image of their icon.

Get in the zone, Jamzone

Jamzone Summer break 2012 started yesterday and already the hype is on for this international mega event.

What is happening to Carifesta?

Four years ago Guyana hosted the Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts (Carifesta), the tenth since its premiere in 1972.

Guyanese summers

It seems that some people are sceptical about Guyanese using the term ‘summer’ in current entertainment events or signature names when we experience a summer climate all year round.

Caribbean Migraine-tion

So it’s just about vacation season which is perhaps the most hated time of the year for immigration officers.

The XXX Olympiads

On July 27, London will create history as the 2012 Summer Olympiads or the XXX Olympic Games commence.

Mohawks going viral?

If you look out a window now, chances are that you will notice someone’s head looking a little like a cockatoo bird.

So what’s up with the demeaning ‘music’?

“Tun up” has become the new buzz line. The ‘song’, if it can be called that, by Baby Cham featuring his wife, ‘O’ (what kind of name is that?) must have surpassed even their wildest expectations.

Stroll in your own backyard

...before you climb your neighbour’s fence

What do you have planned for the vacation season ahead? Walking on the warm, sunny beaches of the Caribbean?


So what do you think of men wearing their pants below their hips?

Feel the Beat… finale an ex travaganza

So it ended just the way I had expected: Nadata, Dominic and Patricia as 1, 2 and 3 after a phenomenal evening of performances by some of Guyana’s best.

Men wearing earrings

Boys have swagger, men have class, or so they say, but it seems today some men are boys and their male children are doomed to the same fate.

Feel the beat: Who will win?

As promised, this week’s critical review will focus on what the judges told the defeated contestants before they were cut from the GT&T Feel the Beat competition; why they were sent home and what the audience thought of their eliminations.

Feel the beat – just 3 remain!

GT&T really outdid itself in terms of coordination and presentation for the finals of the Feel the Beat competition, but the contest isn’t over yet.

Feel the Beat

– the final 6…

Anyone who missed the GT&T Feel the Beat live semi finals this past week at the National Cultural Centre, missed a spectacular show.

Feel the Beat – Crunch time!

GT&T’s Feel the Beat is just about to wrap up and The Scene would like to go down memory lane just before the semi-finals next week.

Feel the beat

Afro Caribbean and Solo

As we approach the final weeks of the Feel the Beat Competitions, the dance floor is beginning to heat up.

Feel the beat – Pop week

Of all the previous weeks of the Feel the Beat competition, this has been the most hyped and loved by its fans.

Feel the beat– Duets

We are now into the 6th week of GT&T’s Feel the Beat Dance Competition and it appears that the dancers are getting a lot more serious in terms of bringing it.

Feel the beat

– Caribbean round

This week the Caribbean Round of the GT&T Feel the Beat Dance Competition was featured.

Feel the beat: the top seven

Guyana’s first ever reality dance competition, hosted by telecommunications giant GT&T has started, coming just after the hype of the Jingle and Song Competition.

Facebook’s Timeline

So… Facebook is changing again. It first introduced its new ‘Timeline’ a few months back and some Facebookers rushed to get it only to find that they did not like it.

Us Girls

By Mariatha Causway Aka Jennifer Thomas      So let’s talk About our exes Their games, their lies; About how We refused to let them Ruin our lives.

Give me drama

Theatre has always had its place in Guyana; though there have been times when it was at a low.

‘Dis time nah lang time’

Nostalgic is the word that describes how I felt last Sunday evening when I made rare visit to the National Cultural Centre and listened to some lovely folk songs.

Valentine’s Day and all that jazz

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and young couples and maybe some older ones are thinking about what gifts they will exchange come next Tuesday.

Titan woman

Years ago when someone spoke of a Titan you knew that person had to be into Greek mythology.

Donnie McClurkin ministered

You know you are in for a great performance when the main act for a concert has won three Grammy awards, ten Stellar awards, two BET awards, two Soul Train awards, one Dove award and one NAACP Image award for his work.


These days, the National Assembly is one of the places where one can have the most laughs and not only from the repartee that comes from the few quick-witted parliamentarians still remaining, but also from the gestures and mannerisms of members of that esteemed House.

The First Grader

In 2003, the Kenyan Government announced universal and free education and parents from around the country rushed with their children’s birth certificates in an effort to get them enrolled in school.


It is that time of the year when so many of us are reflecting on the past year and making plans for this brand new year.

Highs and lows of 2011

2011 saw some highs on the local entertainment scene as well as some real lows.


By Mariatha Causway ak Jennifer Thomas While Linden Lazy Lay around Venting questionable Frustrations.

Christmas work

It’s amazing how women give themselves extra work around the festive season. Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time but instead women work themselves to a frazzle before, during and sometimes even after Christmas.

Hats off, GT&T

GT&T’s Chief Executive Officer Yog Mahadeo might have been onto something when he boastingly announced at the final of the English segment of the company’s jingle and song competition that the number one thing on people’s mind last month was the competition.

We are not amused

We might be laughing, but we are not amused. Not one bit. In fact we are at the other end of the spectrum – thoroughly disgusted.

Good service and bad

Two weeks ago, I stood at the counter of the store where I usually buy my beauty products, waiting.

Like Kim

When I grow up, I want to be just like Kim. Not! Kim Kardashian (KimK), in fact her entire family, has taught the world that big money can be made from pulling endless publicity stunts.

The Arti Cameron fiasco

Last Saturday, October 22, The Scene learned through a source that Miss Guyana World, Arti Cameron, was in New York still without a visa to the United Kingdom, where she was to represent Guyana at the Miss World pageant, the final of which is billed for Earl’s Court, London on November 6.

Road hogs

It is said that in general, generalisations should be avoided. We are told that we should not malign an entire group of people because of the behaviour of some members of that group.


I believe there will come a time when the technology we now use to stay informed and to play with will be so sensitive that the minute we sign on it will display our mood.