Jairo Rodrigues

Internal auditing in the public service

- where it is and the way forward

By John Seeram Introduction John Seeram The Fiscal Management and Accountability (FMAA) Act No 20 of 2003 – Section 11(b) requires heads of budget agencies to maintain effective Internal Audit Units (IAUs).

Guyana’s ‘Rites and Rhythms’ wows CARIFESTA audience

By Jairo Rodrigues in Haiti Photos by Kojo McPherson   Guyana’s presentation `Rites and Rhythms’ wowed the CARIFESTA XII audience on Sunday with glimpses of the cultural riches of the country ranging from its Amerindian folklore to African traditions to Hindu rituals all enrobed in dazzling costumes and high energy performances.

Niketa Barker lives her dream

“…Part of me always dreamed of being in the spotlight…

As a 12-year-old girl flicking through channels on television Niketa Barker stumbled across a Miss Universe Pageant and from that moment, became enamoured with beauty contests; she also began to receive encouragement from those around her.

Guyanese people

Guyanese people: multi-ethnic with mixed and celebrated cultures, united heritage and diversity; one of the most resilient groups of Caribbean people.

National Drama Festival awards

The closing ceremony of the fourth National Drama Festival was truly “The Night of Stars” as it was dubbed and shining brightest of them all for her successful direction of the festival and choreography of the closing ceremony was Colette Jones-Chin.

Tourism and hospitality

Hospitality is the bedrock of tourism. It drives the industry. Many Caribbean economies depend heavily on tourism, selling their year-round summer, sparkling blue waters, ‘life is a party’ image mainly to people in bleak climes.

Exploring St Cuthbert’s Mission

Walking around St Cuthbert’s Mission from the Mahaica-Berbice settlement right over to Demerara-Mahaica, through trails to the sandy river banks and the hilly village centre; I scouted the environment stopping to sit and chat with the village folk.

Putting drama first

Pardon me for being repetitive, but with the recently concluded graduation of artists across their respective fields under the newly formed Institute of Creative Arts; and the National Drama Festival’s first set of plays to be staged in less than a month, I feel it is my duty to return to arts and its place in our future.

The Umana Yana

In the month we celebrate the aboriginal people of Guyana the tragic destruction of the Umana Yana by fire on September 9 was an unfortunate blow to the heritage and celebration of Amerindian Heritage Month, Guyanese history and our culture.