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Our “See-Far Man”, his 10-year plan

-Changing Guyana? Concerning businessman Badal Hello there. Although I consider myself largely “retired” and “tired” my past significant brushes with “PNC politics” have left a residual urge to share comments from my armchair/recliner, relevant to you know what.

The Christmas lie, the fake partnership

Regarding Prime Minister Prakash (HYA) Perhaps it’s because my still-legal, real wife is distant; because my four daughters are all very, very adult and physically distant; because family presence is somewhat merely virtual, I’m no longer a “Christmas person.”

Budgeted successes of the care-takers

Accept with thanks, smiles, then vote! It was long obvious to me that His Excellency wasn’t/isn’t too fond of the Caribbean Court’s (CCJ’s) judicial instruction that his administration is of care-taker status.

A few enduring personal regrets

Coming very soon: GT’s Christmas chaos Hello readers. To be sure, this is another deliberate attempt today to do my escapist time-out from our daily doses of disease, traffic fatalities, crime and – yes – politics and electoral campaigning.

Our political leaders: Character? Ability?

-Last week’s significant quotes For citizens concerned. Do you find time to consider the status, character, integrity and/or abilities of those who assume positions of authority to direct and manage our national life?

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