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After the people’s will, judges decide?

– living, coping with any unliked government Hello there, I wanted to discuss the PPP’s Madam Teixeira’s comments related to how His Excellency’s state watches and hears all of us, as well as a short piece on bandits and thugs as political protesters.

“E+One”: Officer Lowenfield, obfuscation made manifest

Oil revenues and His Excellency’s new pension First, three major points upfront: (1) A few weeks ago as the Democratic Party in the USA began its search for a candidate to oppose Republican President Trump, the results of an election process known as a Caucus could not be quickly ascertained.

PNC War-Room (36? 40?), PPP Situation Room (How many?)

Election over-’70’s and a suspect GECOM From Congress Place to the State House upstairs as well as the Baridi Benab downstairs emotions ran the gamut: tension, reasonable expectations, doubt, confidence, enthusiasm, anxiety, “tiredness”, acceptance of final results, potential hostility to the unwanted unexpected.

What about some election love today?

-Retail Politics versus Mobile Rallies Whenever I’m about to scold myself for embracing European-inspired traditions, I quickly remind myself of my strongly-held historical fact and belief: that Europeans, Asians, all Humanity, were originally African (Black and /or Brown.)

Our “See-Far Man”, his 10-year plan

-Changing Guyana? Concerning businessman Badal Hello there. Although I consider myself largely “retired” and “tired” my past significant brushes with “PNC politics” have left a residual urge to share comments from my armchair/recliner, relevant to you know what.

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