Society…Reincarnating the Guyana National Service

Gerry Gouveia can think of a whole host of reasons why it would be more than worth the while to reintroduce the Guyana National Service (GNS) as a dimension to the experience of young Guyanese. He has always believed, he says, that “in some small way,” it constitutes a measure of ‘giving back’ to a country that gives to you. “Giving back,” he insists is as good a reason as any why there should be a GNS.

Gouveia himself is a ‘graduate’ of the GNS and a convert of the ideals that underpinned the creation of the institution. He believes that it is, in large measure, an advanced effort in “social cohesion,” a “throwing together” of Guyanese of all walks of life. “There are several things, several elements that comprise ….