Cops planning major operation against carjackers

In the wake of a spate of carjackings in recent weeks, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is planning a massive countrywide operation in an effort to dismantle what appears to be a “ring”.

Crime Chief (ag) Paul Williams recently said that in light of the increase in carjackings, the police will be mobilizing a joint team to conduct a massive operation across the country. “We are going to deal with these matters very seriously and robustly because these cars are going somewhere and we have to find out who are encouraging it because if there weren’t markets they would not have been sold”, Williams said.

Williams explained that statistics have shown that the Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion models are the most targeted vehicles. However, while this might be the case, he said “…we cannot rule out to say that they would not come after other vehicles because what I see is that these are persons that are just moving around awaiting for opportunity to strike”.

The GPF had ….