Car thief opts for two months jail time

A 24-year-old man was yesterday sentenced to two months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing a motor car.

The charge states that Mark Anthony on December 26th at 4th Street, La Penitence stole a motor van valued at $3.5M. The vehicle is the property of Rajiv Singh

The prosecutor stated that the complainant and the defendant are known to each other since Anthony was employed by Singh for a period of two months as a handyman. On the said date, Singh left his home to visit his family and left the van, GSS 9170, parked in the yard with the ignition key in it. Around 14:30hrs when Singh was returning home, he saw Anthony driving the said vehicle on Vlissengen Road. He made a report at the Ruimveldt Police station and Anthony was subsequently arrested. ….