Hauraruni revisited

Hauraruni is a Christian cooperative approximately 34 miles from Georgetown or 15 miles from the Soesdyke junction on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. It was built in the 1970s on state land leased to the Full Gospel Fellowship.

Hauraruni is said to be an Amerindian word which means ‘Land of Plenty’.

Earlier this week when the World Beyond Georgetown revisited Hauraruni, the drive up the small hill proved to be harder than expected with the driver inching along a badly deteriorated road. However, the picturesque view from the top made it worth the effort.

Under enormous trees including one called the ‘Monkey Cutlass Tree’, wooden benches, tree stump and some rocks provide seating. Buildings enclosing this area include dormitories, a dining hall and kitchen, library, chapel, schools, health centre, furniture factory, a workshop for welding and mechanic, small bakery, sewing factory, a small grocery shop and the Hauraruni Girls’ Home.

The home, which was ….