Energy: the focus of attention

Any and everything

Almost every conversation about sustainable development or climate change gravitates towards energy.  As one person pointed out in a recent conversation about the environment, energy has to do with any and everything.  It is therefore a cross-cutting issue that cannot be ignored in any effort at achieving sustainable development.  Those who know about the subject matter would tell one that energy was a difficult thing to define.  Explanation of what energy is alternates between its capacity or potential to make things happen and that of actually making things happen.  Persons knowledgeable about energy can speak also of its many sources and many forms.  They can also speak to its many uses.  Despite the uncertainty, energy is a thing that seems to permeate the thought processes of everyone who gives consideration to conservation and the issue of climate change.  In Guyana, the periodic blackouts keep energy as a constant in one’s mind.  In view of this habit, this article tries to understand energy in the context of the sustainable economic development of the country, especially since observed changes in the types of energy being stressed worldwide were likely to reshape energy production and global trading relations…..