Roast Breadfruit – August holidays part 2  

Hi Everyone,

This is part two of the five-part series on Tastes Like Home August Holidays.

It takes skills to bush cook. Bush cooking is when you cook outdoors with wood and twigs that are seemingly assembled haphazardly and set on fire to create the necessary level of heat to cook. There are no knobs to turn to regulate the heat. Food is mostly cooked in a large pot with a variety of ingredients. Sometimes, it is a matter of cooking the food directly in the fire-heat. There are no thermometers to determine doneness. Timers have no place in this type of cooking. You know the food is done by how it looks and feels. It is intuitive cooking.

Aficionados would say that bush-cook style is the best way to roast a breadfruit. It is certainly the fastest way to roast a breadfruit…..