Fearless happiness

Just as prom pictures were about to dominate my Facebook timeline for the next two weeks or so, they were quickly dwarfed by the stories and photos of the recently averted Republic Bank robbery and the Camp Street jailhouse fire respectively.

Both events have created and are still creating, moments of deep gloom for our country that will never be forgotten. As someone who follows the local news primarily through social media, it was difficult to not find myself being consumed by it all. That is the thing with this social-media handles and in particular viral posts that you may come across. You see they contain the possibility of projecting a lasting memory with a single picture and/or composition of words, so much so it has the power to evoke emotions from the post onto you. Even in cases where it doesn’t affect you directly.

I suppose it is the constant reposting and sharing that gets us fixated on them. Which, actually is sometimes a bad thing, as it makes it difficult for you to see the good in the bad and vice versa as you become gripped on that ….