Free branding or authentic style?

It’s perplexing and difficult to fully understand why fashion has gripped the 90s trend of logos for such a long time. Ideally, one can argue that given our current redundant fashion climate it makes sense that people will go digging up old files in search of nostalgia and supposed new-style excitement.

 Nevertheless, why logos out of them all and why for such a long period? The graduation from the logo-focused dressing era to inconspicuous consumption after the 90s gave me a sense of satisfaction since people were through with advertising brands blatantly and in search of discovering their own personal style. The movement remains one of the most momentous periods in fashion. Not to mention, being able to not differentiate people by the brands they chose to wear was anti-capitalist in a sense, so I always welcomed it.

In retrospect, it meant that fashion was at an age where exploration was limitless and brands had to work even harder at creativity to catch the eye of the consumer. They weren’t going to get their respect and admiration with letters being plastered on clothing that carried heavy price tags for no good reason. However, big brands like Gucci and YSL were among the first in recent months to initiate the hardcore revival of the logo movement trend via a saturation of letters everywhere…..