Sugar, Arrival and `Indianness

-Free education very expensive!

Expectedly, all the pronouncements from political and trade union leaders, the commentaries from Rights Activists, the “sensitivities” aroused, conspired to stimulate almost national debate about the May fifth “arrival” of Indentured Immigrants from the Indian sub-continent.

Even the “preliminaries” added spice – chutney and achar – to the annual conversation this year. For example, the May 01 – Labour Day had to highlight the plight of the sugar workers made redundant as the government superintended some Sugar Corporation to reduce the Sugar Sector to its right relevant, sustainable size.

Then there was the belated launch of postage stamps to honour Guyana’s Pre-eminent Indo- Guyanese, Cheddi Jagan- some six weeks after its scheduled date and three days before the annual Arrival Anniversary. His Excellency’s wishes had to be served. And personally, Frankly Speaking, I can find nothing wrong with saying, writing and naming May fifth as Indian Arrival Day. Dropping “Indian” does absolutely no harm for the cohesion sought by the Coalition’s sociology, ethno-centric, history and inclusivity experts…..