Convicted child molester to learn fate today

Convicted for performing a sex act on a child, Troy Jackson is this morning expected to know the jail time he faces for the crime as he will face sentencing by Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall.

After deliberating for about two hours yesterday afternoon, a jury, by a proportion of 10 to two, found Jackson to be guilty of committing the offence.

The court announced, however, that because defence attorney Adrian Thompson was otherwise engaged before the Court of Appeal, the convict would be sentenced today, when the lawyer is expected to be present.

Jackson was charged with rubbing his penis against the genitals of a seven-year-old girl.  He appeared shocked when the foreman announced the verdict and he broke into tears as police escorted him from the courtroom.

The trial proceedings were held in-camera at the Sexual Offences Court of the Georgetown Supreme Court. The state’s case was led by Prosecutor Seeta Bishundial, in association with Narissa Leander and Orinthia Schmidt.