Granger wouldn’t like to hear what the people say

Dear Editor,

Is the President aware, as he certainly should be, that the vast majority of the people in Guyana are fed up with his discredited policies? If he cares to walk down Regent Street or visit one of the markets and talk to any ordinary man or woman, which I very much doubt he has done for a long time, he will be properly updated with reality rather than staying in State House.  If he listened to the people, he wouldn’t like to hear what they had to say about his government’s performance.

As Guyanese line up for the homestretch to 2020, those politicians like Mr Granger who continue to hide from the people, will be chastised at the polls.  As a litmus test to that rebuke, all we have to do is observe the results from the local government polls.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh