GFF Head says decision coming soon on sexual harassment report

Guyana Football Federation [GFF] President Wayne Forde says that a decision is forthcoming on the report by the Commission of Inquiry [COI] into the allegations of sexual harassment of female referees.

Speaking to reporters yesterday following the launch of the Futsal Referees Workshop at the National Racquet Centre, Forde said, “I can’t comment with any depth into it. The executive committee would have met on the 1st [December], we would have had a preliminary review of the report. There is another layer of engagement that will take place with members of the COI and I must put into context, final decisions on this matter will have dramatic impact on the lives of many.”

According to Forde, “It may have already had an impact on those that were victims to this situation that we now learn took place. But we have to be very careful because ultimately when we make the decision we have to be prepared for whatever consequences so we have to ensure we consult with people that can guide the decision making process. If we have questions we have to make sure we give the COI the opportunity to answer those questions and the executive committee will have to make a decision. Decisions need to be made but we have to be well informed, well advised before those decisions are taken. We are moving to resolve this as swiftly as possible, I think a matter of days but we are being extremely cautious and careful with the entire process.”….