Can you sweat off body fat?

Have you ever weighed yourself before and after a workout? Depending on how hard you trained, you could have lost anywhere from half to a couple of pounds during your workout. That’s pretty impressive! But, before you go to the bar and celebrate, just stop and think for a moment about what you actually lost other than weight.

Your body is made up from lots of different substances and it’s important to differentiate between them. When you hop on the scale, your weight represents the sum total of all the things that make up your body. These include:

– Bone

– Skin

– Internal organs

– Muscle

– Glycogen

-stored carbo


– Hair

– Water

– Fat

When you rely on your scale weight, you really have no idea what you have actually lost. When it comes to weight loss, the only thing you really want to lose is fat. Losing muscle will reduce your performance and decrease your metabolic rate; and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to trim enough hair off your body to make much difference to your scale weight, but feel free to try. Losing bone, skin, or internal organs is also not recommended…..