Where high quality abides, the oldsters tend to excel

By Hubert Williams

It has never happened that someone else wrote this column for me, but on October 20th, after a performance in Barbados for the Guyana/ Barbados Association over there, organised by Dr. Nicole Moore-Clarke, a friend of mine, Hubert Williams, one-time Guyana newspaper guru, wrote a review which I am using this space to pass on to you. I would be remiss if I did not add to Hubert’s generous column that credit for the success of the Barbados show should go to the organisers (the Guyana/Barbados Association) but also to the audience – “they came ready” as we say in the music business – and to the superb audio production work of Norman Barrow and his low-key but impressive team. Here is the piece, all in Hubert’s lovely prose:

The new musical norm in the Caribbean tends to a surfeit of songs about women and sex clumsily presented; often making considerable sums of money out of it, and, regrettably, enjoying great popularity, prompting the question: Where to is Caribbean culture headed? Some people tend to view that comparison as odious; but the more rational ones know well that comparison begets progress, progress ensures stability, and it is stability that these former little British colonies in the Caribbean sorely need to avoid a continuous sliding along the downward trail…..