Young artiste looking to create positive change

Eighteen-year-old gospel/conscious artiste Christopher Nelson has made his way into the music industry with the debut of his single “Do My Best”, which was released on social media two Wednesdays ago. “Do My Best” is fast collecting great feedback because of the positivity of its message.

The singer/songwriter who hails from Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara has always been involved in various art forms at his church: singing, reciting poems, dramatizing or dancing. Church was the foundation of his upbringing and his single reflects this. His talent overflowed in Den Amstel Primary and he was often participating in one thing or another including Mashramani competitions. At one of these competitions he recalls singing the calypso “As A Small Boy In The Country”. In some cases, he overdid it and drumming on his desk he would belt out one reggae song after another and not so long after he had a group of peers following him. They all knew music ran through his veins and although he would sometimes annoy the teachers they made sure to take advantage of his talent and having him represent the school whenever the opportunity arose.

He also competed at the Day of Fellowship Competition that was hosted by the Guyana Congregational Young Peoples Union where he placed first in two consecutive years…..