Seeking validation Mom’s Coconut Buns

Hi Everyone,

I do not have the same exacting cooking standards as my mother. It does not come from arrogance or overconfidence but of Mommy simply knowing what she likes and how she prefers things prepared. It for this reason that I did not take offence to her rejection of my coconut buns. In the process, I also realized something – I too was confident in what I like and how I like it (seems like parents rub off on you, regardless).

So here is what happened.

Mommy was coming to Barbados on her annual visit and to attend the wedding of a family friend. On the day she was due to arrive, I cooked things I know she likes – Bajan Rice and Peas with dried pigeon peas and meat balls. I also baked coconut buns. I know she loves coconut buns and it would be great for her to have with tea in the afternoon or evening while watching television. The buns I made came out perfectly, I even posted some pictures on social media drawing many “likes” and “loves”. On the drive home from the airport, I was feeling pleased with myself.

“Mommy, I made one of your favourites for you to have later,” I said.

She laughed happily: “What you make?”

“Buns! Mommy, I made coconut buns!”

“Ah, that with a nice cup of Milo tonight would be good,” she replied…..