Heavenly bodies: the MET Gala’s evocative theme

I often wrestle with the idea of whether I will raise my children under my religious beliefs which lean towards Anglican-Christian or that of my husband’s which is Orthodox Christian. Not because I am a half believer or anything like that but after 28 years of existence, I have learnt to appreciate religion and faith only through maturity, as opposed to when I was very young and had been thrown into it.

Ask me what I remember from going to church and being drowned in differing religious beliefs and practices from a very young age and the answer is nothing. Unless you factor in the kindness of my Sunday School teacher Miss Rohlehr, who brought us vanilla crackers and juice every Sunday. Otherwise, I only recall being anxious to just get home. My current partial resentment towards the engagement of religion from a very young age also stems from religious leaders not being able to fully interpret the spiritual messages and their meaning, according to the reality of 21st century society. ….