Wedding options: RSVP and recycling outfits

When we think of weddings in 2018, we hardly ever think of the groom and much less the guests. All of the attention is focused on the bride along with ensuring she has secured the best optics to freeze her Cinderella Princess moment.

Blame it on capitalism, social media or cultural influence but the symbolic meaning of weddings has evolved over the years. I have never favoured big weddings for myself but always supported and welcomed the idea with excitement for friends and family because of the fairytale energy it always somehow manages to capture. Perhaps it’s the hounding of the bride with smart phones to get a picture and the intense buildup with guests chattering while they await the celeb of the day, but the anticipation gives it an additional special spark. Unlike small weddings where you are primarily focused on each other (which admittedly can be pressuring), big weddings allow much more supportive moments which can make the big day seem a bit less pressuring.

However, having that support show up for you on that day comes at a no cost for both the couple and guests. Even though it is sometimes made to seem that getting invited to a wedding is a prize, since you are treated to a meal and entertainment that include lifetime of memories, it is an expensive prize to collect…..