Wellness: the new luxury

Luxury has a different meaning for everyone. For some it could be reflected in the types of purchases made and for others it could mean living completely organic lives. While both require a considerable amount of disposable income – a common indicator of a luxury life – the latter is often praised as being authentic, even when it is carefully organized in pixels to seem filled with good vibes only.

However, now more than ever wellness seems to be the new wave of luxury that is the most desirable thing to have. I say desirable because it is not something everyone necessarily has access to even if they choose the less expensive options like working out at home. If you have children, you will probably need to hire a babysitter to have a real slice of wellness time and in the modern world this isn’t easy or cheap.

The wellness trend has reached its peak so much so it is being considered the secular new age religion as Jenai Engelhard noted, in 2018. According to Engelhard, “we fast to cleanse our cells, not our souls.” Wellness is different from tangible luxury items because of the level of personalization it allows, where in comparison to luxury products you are pawn controlled by brands that constantly feed you the tagline that you need something else to achieve being you…..