Linden Town Day

This week we asked the man, woman in the street for their impressions of the annual Linden Town Day activities.

Interviews and photos by Cathy Richards

Roxanne Anthony – `The Town Week activities are not like the previous years. Yes, everyone came home to have a lot of fun especially the persons from overseas. One thing that bothered me is the way the Wismar people were treated with the Wismar Night. That day or night all activities are usually centred around Poker Street and everyone would have made their investments to sell or showcase whatever they wanted.  But it was sad to note that things were out of control and the music was stopped at a very early time robbing those persons who would have invested. So I think that that system needs to be reorganized and give the Wismar people their fair dues.’

Eusi Francis – `How I see the town week this year is that there is more sport than anything else. I was looking for more exhibits according to what they were saying but I was extremely disappointed with what I saw on the Linden Park with those sparse pieces of exhibitions. The activities throughout the week can be much better. There was hardly anything of significance.  The planners need to carefully and objectively revisit the entire week of celebrations and give persons something meaningful to look forward to.’

John Benjamin – `Town Week is one of the best things that could have happened to Guyana. It created an atmosphere that encourages persons to plan their vacation and come home to some good celebrations. I am back home and loving every moment of it. There is still much room for improvements as it relates to the activities but as it is I am having a very good time enjoying the company of good and new friends and at the same time reuniting with family.’

David Collins –
`Coming home for the Town Week festivities is a wonderful thing. What I was disappointed about is that there were no programmes readily available for persons to put their hands on in order to get a good look at what there was, where and when and that’s a minus for the planners. With this being so established now from the beginning of the season they should have programmes placed at the airport and other strategic points for person to get. Nonetheless I am making the best of it having a good time back home here in my home town.’

Annaly Marks – `In short I would say that there were much better coordinated activities last year. This year we have much more persons from overseas, the Caribbean and around Guyana coming to Linden to have a great time but it would have been much better appreciated to have better activities for persons of all walks of life to come and enjoy and that was not the case. I hope in the future that the organizers would relook and see their shortcomings and work out a better plan that would cater and please all and sundry. ‘

Natasha Marks – `This is my first time back home for Town Week and I am loving every moment of it. I am so excited to be meeting friends who I haven’t seen in many years. I am so sorry I wasn’t here from day one but for what is left I am going to make the best of it. So many persons encouraged me in the past to come home for this time but you have to be here to actually feel the vibes. I’ll be taking back tons of pictures and videos and you bet I’ll be back as often as I possibly can. I love you Linden. Happy 42nd Birthday Linden.’

Lois Moseley – `I think the Town Week this year is good as usual. I also think that they need to get a bit more organized or better yet give back the franchise to the Kashif and Shanghai Organization. It has been proven that this is much too big for the Town Council to handle; they should be true to themselves and give it up to persons who have the know-how and the required resources. It’s all about putting out something that can be compared second to none, no hard feelings intended but it’s for the better of those who live here and would have been working hard all year and for those who would have invested to come back home.’

DJ Akilo – `Town Week is a wonderful time of celebration. To say that I have not been having a good time would be a nasty lie. In term of tourism I thinks we have touched the button because  persons who never had plans to be here at this time are now doing just that. It is amazing to see persons who do not have any ties whatsoever to Guyana or Linden coming into the country just for this time. So I want to commend us. We have been having some parties with great concepts and I think it’s great. Like everything else there is always room for improvement and we should work at improving our grey areas.’

Junior Wills –`I am disappointed with the way things went this year. Could you imagine a town week without a big and bold show or contest? That was one of the most looked-forward-to events of town week. From what I know the Town Week committee wanted a quarter million for the franchise, then the sports club got to get pay, then the organizers have to find sponsorship for the women, advertisements, prizes and the whole list of thing. It’s time the Town Council give back this thing to Kashif and Shanghai they have proven that they have what it takes to do it at a standard that at the end of the day everyone would be pleased.’

Jerome Narine –‘I think the Town Week this year was disorganized straight and full. As much as they would talk ill about the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation, they are the best ones to run this thing in a professional and fair manner so that everyone can benefit. This year there was not a single international artiste coming to Linden for the celebrations and that’s so crazy. Before time we had town day and it was Kashif and Shanghai who brought in the Town Week concept and there was not a single visitor that could have said that they hadn’t their money’s worth. So it’s time to give it back to its rightful organizers and let us have a week of good and meaningful celebrations.’


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