Caribbean Airlines aids Alpha United to get to Costa Rica

Caribbean Airlines says it created history inGuyanaas it helped the Georgetown-based, Alpha United Football Club to get toCosta Ricafor a Concacaf tournament.

A statement from Caribbean Airlines said that “The team is en route to Costa Ricato compete against Heradiano in the Concacaf Champions League Tournament at the Costa Rica National Stadium in San Joseon the 26th July. This event is an historic one since it is the first time a Guyanese football team will compete in the Concacaf Champions League. The return match will be played in Guyana at the Guyana National Stadium on August 04th 2011.

“Mr. Odinga Lumumba the Club’s President, highlighted that the longstanding relationship between Caribbean Airlines and the Club has always been one of support and mutual respect. As a result, when sponsorship was sought after, Caribbean Airlines was the natural choice. Mr. Lumumba was also very proud to announce that both matches will be aired live on ESPN.

“The team was successful in all of the matches played at the national level leading up to the Tournament and had been preparing rigorously for the upcoming match inCosta Rica. Coach Wayne Dover was happy to announce that he expected success seeing that all of the members of his team are physically and mentally fit to take on their opponents.“


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