A woman is now dead and a girl is a patient of the Woodlands Hospital following a hit-and-run accident last evening at Crane, West Coast Demerara.

Kaishri Persaud, 26, of Lot 10 Crane, Old Road, died while being transported to the West Demerara Hospital while 17-year-old Trisha Defreitas sustained a broken pelvis.

According to ‘Harry’ who was accompanying the two to a nearby shop to purchase a phone card, they were walking in the corner while he rode his bicycle alongside them. The vehicle, reportedly a Pathfinder and driven by a female, swerved off the road, pitching Defreitas into a trench while Persaud was left lying face-down on the road. The vehicle, eyewitnesses said, sped off.

Harry related that he then pulled Defreitas from the trench.  Meanwhile, Persaud’s face was badly bruised and persons say she was practically motionless as she panted heavily for breath.

It was reported that two cars stopped and offered to transport the injured persons to the hospital.

Defreitas’ mother, Rose, at the Woodlands Hospital, said that the staff at the West Demerara Hospital were not prompt in responding and as a result, they decided to have Defreitas taken to the private hospital in Georgetown. “We de want bring Kaishri too but it de too late for her,” the mournful woman said.

The distressed mother explained that she lived next door to Persaud but said her daughter, Defreitas, resides in the United States of America and is currently on vacation.

From her hospital bed, Defreitas was crying uncontrollably as she said, “I shoulda never ask she to follow me to the shop”.

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