Suriname paddy price increased to SRD 77.50

(De Ware Tijd) NIEUW NICKERIE Millers/processors have unilaterally fixed the purchasing price for a 79-kilo bale of paddy at SRD 77.50. Before that, the paddy was purchased at an open price that offered no security to rice farmers. The new price is SRD 10 higher than the price fixed some weeks ago by Badrisein Sital, chairman of the Rice Organ. However, this is still lower than the actual cost price of SRD 83.77 per bale. The problem is that not all millers are willing to pay the SRD 77.50. Farmers are displeased about the lingering price dispute. Now all eyes are on industrialist and rice magnate Imro Manglie who may start purchasing paddy this week. They are curious to know which price he is willing to pay for a bale of paddy, as he had increased the price considerably during the past season.


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