Brunswijk wants Bouterse to stay away from gold sector

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – A-Combination (AC) fraction leader Ronny Brunswijk believes President Desi Bouterse should not be involved in efforts to bring order to the gold sector. During the debates about the Development Plan in Parliament yesterday, Brunswijk once again made clear that some things about the structuring are bothering him. He wants to know why the gold commission is directly under the President and not the Ministry of Natural Resources (NH). He points out that in fact, there is currently no way to appeal in case the commission commits acts that are unacceptable and the ‘victims’ wants to file a complaint about it. Brunswijk, who moreover has his doubts about gold commission chairman Gerold Dompig, calls for the commission to be placed under NH, so the President will remain as an appellate body. Parliamentarians want more clarity from the government about the structuring of the gold sector, particularly about who has the ultimate responsibility for actions by the gold commission. The ball got rolling when AC Parliamentarian Marinus Bee (ABOP) remarked that a “responsible, just and absolutely impartial structuring of the gold sector” is an important condition for AC to achieve the economic and development goals the government has set.


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