This week we asked Lindeners about the announcement in the budget that power bills will be going up as the government subsidy will be gradually removed.

Karen Morrison

Karen Morrison – `Well I think they real unfair to us in Region 10, they real unfair to each and everyone of us, the pensioners and everybody, because first of all we have so much of resources and still things are not doing so well for us in Linden. I think they really, really, really unreasonable to us to raise our light bills to such a high rate, we are out of jobs the majority of the young people are out of jobs. We looking out for them to change it for us because I read in the newspaper that they say that we were pampered by the PPP for years, so if they are saying that we were pampered then this is a vindictive move.’

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson – `I have some sisters living in Berbice and every month when is time for pay light bill they cry out because the light bill is so expensive in Berbice, that’s all I need to say.’

Racquel King – `I feel it is unfair to Linden because they don’t have jobs or anything in Linden and then fuh know that they read budget and them ain’t even put nothing in it fuh Linden. So I want to know why them doing these things to Linden knowing that deh ain’t get no jobs. For the young ones dem much less the old ones them and then they wan to raise the light bill rate. I think it is unfair.’

Eleen Jeffrey – `Yes I am a pensioner, and I find it very, very bad that the government would want to make such move. We in Linden hey wouldn’t know how bad it is until. Everything is bad for Linden. We have nothing here we have zero. They take away everything from us just for them to take our lives. I don’t know how I will cope.’

Shemroy Vigilance – `I am serious about the light bill. Now we aint get jobs. We hardly could eat. We aint get money fuh spend. They want to increase the cost of electricity I am wondering why they don’t raise the valuation of the money so that we could tek care of our family and we needs. Because we get other bills fuh pay but we can’t because we ain’t get no money. When we raise the light bill rate how will we live?’

Racquel King

Roxanne Bobbsemple- `They mean to punish Linden because Linden an vote fuh them that’s why them bring this high light bill for Linden. We ain’t get works hey. I get three children fuh tek care of. Children deh on the road, dem ain’t get nuttin fuh do.’

Harrilal Jainarine – `I feel this increase in electricity is a political move because the PPP did not win a seat in Linden, they just want to carry the pressure on the Linden people, and it is not fair because in them campaign the PPP was all time saying that they are going to bring relief to Linden and instead of relief they are bringing pressure on the people. We don’t have jobs in Linden and how are we going to pay increases. We are not going to tolerate it we are not going to tolerate it at all we are going to stop it in its tracks.’

Fern McCoy-`It’s ridiculous here in Linden as it is now our light bill is not too high and still we query it a lot because we are getting more blackouts more than anything else. So it’s really ridiculous because we don’t even have jobs, and now they are going to give us an increase where are we going to get the money to pay all these atrocious light bills that they want to give to us? I am saying no and I think everybody else should say no.’

Fern McCoy
Harrilal Jainarine
Roxanne Bobbsemple
Shemroy Vigilance
Eleen Jeffrey

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