Manning ‘out of hospital, back home in a month’

(Trinidad Express) The son of San Fernando East Member of Parliament Patrick Manning said his father is expected to be back in the country in a month’s time.

Brian Manning told reporters the elder Manning had been released from hospital in the United States and was now staying with relatives in Maryland, USA.

It was back in January that the former prime minister suffered a stroke at his San Fernando home.

Two weeks later, he was taken from the San Fernando General Hospital to the US by air ambulance.

Manning was warded at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre, Washington, DC, where he was expected to have undergone physio-, speech and occupational therapy.

On Saturday night, the younger Manning told reporters he expected his father—whom he was told was walking with a cane—to return home in about 30 days.

Manning was speaking to reporters at Roodal Moonilal’s constituency office at Debe Junction, Debe, following the United National Congress’s internal elections.

Brian Manning has been described as Moonilal’s friend. He said he was at Moonilal’s office as an observer.

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