T&T 5-year-old buggered: man, 64, four teens held

(Trinidad Express) A 64-year-old man along with four teenaged boys are expected to appear before a Chaguanas magistrate next week charged with buggering a five-year-old boy several times for over a year.

A team of Central Division officers led by Supt Johnny Abraham along with Sgt Jerry Hosein raided a squatting area in Claxton Bay off the Uriah-Butler Highway yesterday morning after receiving information about the child.

The child after being rescued was medically examined and up to press time last night was at a safe house being counselled.

Police said the man does not work anywhere but would move into, “so called,” depressed areas and target the children. He earned a living by begging for charity in both Chaguanas and San Fernando and would be seen holding on to a piece of paper asking for donations to treat a range of medical ailments which he claimed he had. With the money he gained he would then buy sweets which he would use to bribe children to have sex with him.

In the boy’s case about a year ago the suspect built a shack near to where the child and his grandmother lived.

Police said he would often bribe the child with sweets to come over to his house following which he would sexually assault the child.

Using money, sometimes as little as TT$10, he would invite teenaged boys to come over to his shack and have sex with him and he also encouraged them to bugger the five-year-old as well.

Police said after arresting the man and a teenaged boy, aged 16, the man complained to the police that he was having chest pains. Some investigators took him to the Chaguanas Health Centre to be medically examined but other officers continued investigating the case and arrested three more teenaged boys.

Police said since word got around of the man’s arrest several parents have been coming forward to the police with their own cases of their children being sexually assaulted by the man. Police said the man lived in a squatting area in Carlsen Field Chaguanas before moving to Claxton Bay.

Other officers involved in yesterday morning’s exercise included WPC D’abreau, PCs Pariag, Phillip and Gordon.

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