Natural Black and US promoter at odds

(Jamaica Observer) New Jersey promoter Derrick Plunkett is angry that singer Natural Black did not show up for his Caribbean New Jersey Reggae Awards on April 14.

In a telephone interview with the Jamaica Observer, Plunkett said he intends to teach Natural Black aka Mortimer Softley, a lesson.

“I want to teach him a lesson that he never does it to anyone else again,” said Plunkett, adding that he plans to take legal action against the artiste.

According to Plunkett, the Guyana-born Natural Black was advanced a deposit of US$1,500. The balance of US$2,000 was to be paid after he performed at the event.

The Far From Reality singer was supposed to be picked up by Plunkett at Kennedy International Airport in New York the day before the show.

Plunkett said the artiste never showed. His road manager (who was booked to accompany the artiste) explained by phone that they had missed their flight.

Plunkett said he paid an extra US$120 to get them on a later flight, but was told by telephone that they also missed that flight.

“He stood us up big time,” said Plunkett. “This is another bad mark on reggae music.”

Natural Black said he was linked to the promoter by Omar Benjamin of Frenz For Real studio in Kingston where he records.

“I was in Guyana at the time. My understanding was that’s it’s an awards show and I was being paid to turn up and accept an award,” Natural Black told the Jamaica Observer.

He said he could not have performed as he does not have a US work permit and Plunkett knew that.

Natural Black says he had every intention of attending the show but he had a ‘bad vibes’ that things would not turn out right.


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