PPP/C urges support for attempts at political consensus

The PPP/C yesterday called on all “patriotic Guyanese” to reject “purveyors of division” and to support attempts being made to attain political consensus along political lines.

The call appeared to be intended to shore up the dialogue it has entered into with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) but which now appears uncertain as APNU has decided to proceed with proposing cuts to the 2012 budget.

Freedom House argued that the progress being made in these talks with APNU was being opposed by a “vocal minority” which it says tends to pay lip service to the need for political consensus.

“Amongst this vocal minority are sections of the media (re: Stabroek News editorial of April 23, 2012) which is fond of trumpeting political cooperation only when it involves agreement amongst the opposition parties and who revel in berating and deriding any attempts by any opposition party in reaching an understanding with the government. The ultimate objective of these critics is to support political cooperation only when it involves the opposition parties ganging up on the government”, the party charged.

The PPP said it will not be distracted by these elements whose main aim is political confrontation and who perceive any attempt by the opposition to engage with the government as an “opportunity to invoke the language of `betrayal’, `sellout’, `secrecy’ and `back room dealing’”.  

Freedom House further warned that the PPP/C will not be held to ransom “by any anti-national, anti-development demands which can reverse progress, cutting jobs and derail the rapid transformation of Guyana.”

The party argued that it has consistently advocated the need for greater unity and cooperation among political parties.

We have never closed the doors on consensus politics in Guyana.  Even when we held a parliamentary majority, we remained open to engagements with the political opposition.  Through such engagements Guyana was able to craft the most inclusive constitution in the region”, the statement said.

It also referred to President Donald Ramotar’s address to the 10th Parliament where he emphasized the importance of all the parties working together in the spirit of consensus and compromise.


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