T&T Integrity Commission steps up corruption fight

(Trinidad Express) The Integrity Commission will be examining the procedure and practices at ministries, State agencies, regional corporations and all public bodies in a bid to fight corruption and improve ethical conduct.

In a release yesterday, the commission said it has launched a cooperative initiative with these public organisations as required by Sections 5 (1) (g) and (h) of the Integrity in Public Life Act.

“Integrity measures are vital ingredients of good governance and the commission hopes this will ensure that public resources are efficiently, effectively and properly used,” the release stated.

Sections 5 (1) (g) and (h) of the Act state:

The commission shall:

g) examine the practices and procedures of public bodies, in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices;

h) instruct, advise and

assist the heads of public bodies of changes in

practices or procedures which may be necessary to reduce the occurrence of corrupt practices

The commission’s move follows consultation with the agencies responsible for oversight of public bodies, including the Ministry of Finance (Corporate Sole), the Auditor General’s Department and the Ministry of Local Government.

The commission’s team will conduct investigations to ensure that procedures, practices and the decision-making process are adequate to ensure that public funds are not utilised to secure private interests. The Commission has capability to offer Compliance, Investigative and technical advice, the release stated.

The commission anticipates that through this initiative, State agencies and corporations will inspire public trust, create a favourable environment and serve the nation’s interest fairly on a daily basis.


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