T&T chutney singer Rajin Dhanraj in critical condition

(Trinidad Express) CHUTNEY singer Rajin Dhanraj is in hospital and listed in a critical condition. Dhanraj, 24 has been warded at the Intensive Care Unit at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for the past several days.

Vijay Ramlal-Rai, President of the National Chutney Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago said he was not sure about Dhanraj’s ailment.
He said: “The doctors are a bit confused as to what happened. They cannot diagnose anything.”

Dhanraj is being fed Intravenous (IV) Fluid, and being monitored by other medical devices, said Ramlal-Rai.

He said he was unable to visit Dhanraj in ICU because of the restrictions but Ramlal-Rai said he was liaising with staff members concerning the singer’s health.

” It is a very sad and unfortunate situation. He is a very talented guy and this will be a setback for him.”

Dhanraj who became famous for his song ” Go Nah” was Synergy’s TV Chutney Star in 2008.

This year he placed second in the final of the National Chutney Monarch, the competition held annually on Indian Arrival Day, May 30.
It was on that night that Dhanraj was told he became a father. The news was announced during the competition. His baby died in June.

Dhanraj lives at Cunupia and owns a clothing and jewelry store in Chaguanas. Ramla-Rai said Dhanraj was involved in the campaign trail for the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) headed by its interim leader Jack Warner. In 2010, during the general elections, Dhanraj was one of the main entertainers for the People’s Partnership coalition.


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