Fight aboard British Airways flight heading to Kingston

(Jamaica Gleaner) Passengers aboard British Airways flight 2263 had to intervene to bring an end to a fight between a man and a woman about three hours before landing at the Norman Manley International Airport late this evening.

An eyewitness said the woman became upset after discovering that liquid belonging to the man had spilled on her bag damaging what she said were important documents.

According to the eyewitness, the woman became boisterous, threatening the man.

The witness said the woman then left her seat in the economy section only to return, inflicting blows on the man.

The man is reported to have retaliated, hitting the woman before passengers separated them.

Flight attendants later moved the woman to the front of the cabin to complete the flight.

Contacted late this evening, the Constabulary Communication Network said there was no report of the incident at the Norman Manley police post.

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