Incumbent Vernon Burnett was yesterday re-elected president of the Georgetown Football Association when that body held its election of office bearers at the Sleepin International Hotel.

Burnett defeated challenger Lavern Fraser-Thomas by nine votes to seven in a closely contested affair.
Following his re-election Burnett speaking on behalf of his executives he stated that his administration will continue to work in the best interest of the game and its development.

“The game is bigger than any individual and we at the GFA must work towards the good of the sport and not what is best for ourselves or our affiliated clubs. We must lead the way in the development of the sport, we must be that example to the other associations and we expect all present to help in the fostering and development of the beautiful game.”

Yesterday’s AGM was quite easily the most significant step towards football reconciliation following the impasse between the GFA and the Guyana Football federation which was only resolved after the visit by a team from FIFA and CONCACAF.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by representatives of the 16 clubs affiliated to the GFA and was witnessed by acting GFF President Frankie Wilson.
The proceedings were formally opened by Burnett who declared: “This is an important day in the history of the GFA and football in its entirety. I am happy to be here to deliberate on the intended direction of football within this constituent and expect that each item on today’s agenda is treated with the applicable level of serious that it deserves. Everyone is depending on us to do the right thing and make the optimal choices with regards to the development of the game.

The newly elected GFA administration with GFF acting president Franklyn Wilson.
The newly elected GFA administration with GFF acting president Franklyn Wilson.

“Within our presence are persons of great influence in the development of the local football sphere and we intend to work with all members to reach all objectives and goals. Progression has been made in the face of adversity as we cannot help but recognize the difficulties we faced in the fight for justice but now it’s time to put the past behind and reconcile for the betterment and development in totality of the game.

He added:”Our commercials sponsors, we are eternally grateful as you have afforded us the opportunity to showcase and promote the GFA brand of football during the turbulent times and for this we will remain eternally indebted as we thank you for your unwavering support. Without your kind patronage, GFA football from a developmental perspective might be nonexistent as we also thank all volunteers and football enthusiasts for their continued assistance”.

Returning officer and attorney-at-law Mr. Euclin Gomes aided by his competent scrutinizing officer Joseph Hamilton MP began the democratic process as the presidency of the association was first on the list of contesting positions.

An air of expectancy arose as the votes were cast and tabulated leaving the small throng in the most tentative of postures as the aforementioned results loomed. In what can be described as the closest of margins Burnett was re-elected to office, edging out the affable Lavern Fraser-Thomas 9-7.

Continuing the egalitarian proceedings was the contesting of the Vice President of Administration seat which was duly won by Fraser-Thomas who accumulated 11 votes to defeat Akram Sabree and Lomell Johnson who received two and one vote respectively.

The other positions contested were Vice President of Technical and Tactical Development which was won by Rawle Adams with nine votes over Faizal Khan four and Akram Sabree, three, Vice President of Competition – Mark Phillips which post was uncontested, General Secretary which was won by Christopher Matthias by 11 votes to five over Steve Ninvalle, Treasurer- Dexter Schultz who gained 10 votes  to  Andre Dazzel’s six  and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Charmaine Wade who scored 11 votes to defeat Fiona Hamilton, four and Daniel Thomas, one to complete the day’s scheduled voting.

Returning officer Gomes, in his final address, thanked the delegates for their conduct stating that it showed willingness to reconcile and move forward in spite of the previous tremulous times.

“I am extremely happy with the conduct that was displayed at today’s proceedings and it will motivate me to get amply involved in the sport” he said.
Acting GFF president Wilson spoke of crossing the hurdle and said that he hoped that the elections would serve as a catalyst for prosperity within the football fraternity.

“Without contradiction this has to be the best day since I’m at the helm of the GFF. We have seen the exploits of the national teams and what can be accomplished through a collective effort. What has occurred here will set the tone of what happens with the other associations and I envision good time in football and hope this goodwill is contagious,” he declared.

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