Exxon Mobil oil rig heading to Guyana

Exxon Mobil today updated Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud on activities that the company will undertake over the next few weeks and it also disclosed that its rig for drilling offshore is due to leave Louisiana today.

A release from the Ministry of Natural Resources today said that Persaud met with Chuck Calavan, ExxonMobil Vice President of US and Latin America and Jeff Simon, Country Manager, ESSO.

Persaud was updated on the deployment of the Company’s oil rig (Deep Water Champion) which will depart from Louisiana, USA today for the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana where it is expected to start drilling in mid-March.

To further enhance this exercise, Persaud said in the press release that Cabinet recently approved a request from ESSO for a geological and geophysical survey in the form of 3D seismic survey within offshore Guyana. A permit has been granted to CGG Service (UK) Limited to undertake this survey.

The release said that he also made reference to the Oil and Gas Policy which will give way to a modern oil and gas development framework. This is being done with support from the Commonwealth Secretariat and other partners.

The Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig
The Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig



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