No word on five escapees 24 hours on

Thus far the authorities have not reported the recapture of any of the five prisoners who it is believed fled the Camp Street prison during the fiery mayhem there yesterday afternoon.

The suspected mastermind Royden Williams had been sentenced to death in February this year for the murder of 12 men in the Bartica massacre of 2008.

It appears that his conviction set in train plans for him to breakout and  he may have planned with several other murder accused. Four of the escapees have been identified. The fifth is still to be named.

Questions persist as to how the five were able to escape the security cordons considering that there would have been a heightened alert at the prison once the fires erupted yesterday.

Security sources say that since the deep sensitivities about the 2002 jailbreak and last year’s uprising that claimed 17 lives,  there should have been airtight protocols to ensure that there was no repeat.

The security sources say the longer the men are not recaptured, the greater the fears will be over what followed after the 2002 jailbreak which sparked a bloody, unprecedented crime spree.

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