Two charged with murder of T&T curator

(Trinidad Guardian) One of the two people charged with murdering ex-curator Dr Claire Broadbridge is worried about his personal safety while he is locked away awaiting trial for her death.

John Smith, through his attorney Roland Bain, expressed concern over his safety among other things. Bain, who did not elaborate what concerns his client had, told acting Chief Magistrate Maria Busby-Earle-Caddle that his client was worried about his safety.

He added that his client is on medication that needed to be taken at specific times. Busby-Earle-Caddle said that matter could not be addressed by her but by the Prison Service.

Bain said his client, a joiner, was denied his medication on Tuesday after being in custody since September 5. Bain added that his client also wanted his mother to collect items taken from him by police, namely $1809 and keys to his business in Chaguanas and his vehicle.

Inspector Glendon Charles, who charged both Smith and his common-law wife Virginia Nedd, 32, assured that Smith’s mother could collect all the belongings at the Riverside Plaza where Region One of the Homicide Bureau is located.

The couple stood about six feet apart from each other and had separate lawyers. Their relatives also sat apart from each other. The couple worked for Broadbridge for some time prior to her murder. Relatives of Broadbridge huddled together in the back seat of the courtroom.

Nedd’s attorney, Darryl Worrell, said his client, a janitor, wanted her relatives to have possession of her cellphone, which the police confiscated.

He added that if the cellphone forms part of the case then his client will like that her SIM card be returned as that is a crucial part of her business.

He added that his client was hoodwinked by the police as she was arrested on the afternoon of September 5 but only made aware that she was the suspect in the murder the following night.

He added that when his client was arrested she was told she was being held in relation to an incident at her work and not in relation to Broadbrigde’s death.

The case was then adjourned to October 12 after court prosecutor Insp Winston Dillon assured that the case file will be sent to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions within a month so that a State attorney can be appointed.

The murdered 80-year-old retired National Museum curator was found by the Fire Service who responded to a report of smoke seen coming from her Fondes Amandes, St Ann’s home on September 2. She had been stabbed and her throat cut. After the killing her home was set on fire.



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