Tropical flowers grow naturally in tropical climatic countries.

Guyana has a large collection of tropical blooms, which are exotic, beautiful and long lasting.  They can last from seven to 14 days easily, sometimes longer. This weekend I cut several tropical blooms to make fresh flower arrangements.

Some of these exotic blooms are Ginger Lilies – red, white and pink, several varieties of Heliconias, Torch Ginger, Orchids and Anthurium lilies in a rainbow of colours and several sizes. The finished

Torch Ginger

arrangements were breathtaking. When my clients came to collect, they were very happy and pleased. They said, “We often wonder that Guyana is blessed with such wonderful beauty. Why is it that you often see imported flowers all around you when we should be promoting these exotic blooms.”

I often wonder this also. More local offices, hotels, banks and business houses should showcase these exotic blooms. This way, we can grow and produce more blooms, create more jobs locally and maybe export them too.

I have travelled to many Caribbean countries and seen exotic blooms adorning airports’ arrival halls and departure lounges as well as hotels, banks, offices and other places. At hotels, even the breakfast tray comes with a locally grown bloom.

I am urging Guyanese to grow local and buy local. To those offices and citizens who support the local tropical flower industry, I say thank you; please encourage your friends to do likewise.  You could try buying some Ginger Lilies and placing them in a vase. You would be surprised to see how long they would last. They would brighten up any room too.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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