The Alliance for Change (AFC) today hailed the third anniversary of the February 14th 2015 Cummingsburg Accord which paved the way for the APNU+AFC victory at general elections that year.

The AFC was to have changes made to the deal before Monday’s anniversary but this has been deferred.

A statement from the AFC follows:

AFC observes 3rd anniversary of the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord

On Wednesday of this week the Alliance For Change observed the third anniversary of the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord which was signed at the Georgetown Club on February 14th 2015.

The signing of the historic agreement created the broad coalition between the APNU and AFC, a total of six political parties to contest the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections and which led to the removal of the PPP/C from government and the installation of the APNU+AFC Coalition.

The Accord laid the foundation for the restoration of honour, dignity, credibility and unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency in executive governance in Guyana. The Cummingsburg Accord is, without question or debate, one of the most significant partnership and collaborative agreements in the Caribbean political history.

The Cummingsburg Accord also dealt a significant blow to divisive ethnic politics which had ensnared Guyana for decades. The AFC is of the unwavering view that the agreement has allowed for Guyana’s political engagement to be elevated to a higher level. The party recognizes that much work remains to be done to further raise the level of political discourse and engagement but the path which the country has chosen is irreversible. The gains Guyana has made as a result of the Accord is irrevocable. The AFC recognizes and indeed salutes the Guyanese who took the bold step to vest their confidence in partnership, inclusive and collaborative politics.

The political agreement for coalition was both inevitable and imperative for the greater national good and to lift Guyana out of the quagmire of decades old divisive tribalist politics.

The Cummingsburg Accord is a sunset agreement for 3 to 5 years. The three year mark has been reached. Having achieved the initial objectives of the restoration of the rule of law and order in our beloved country, the party has been reviewing the accord as we work with all parties with shared interests to unlock Guyana’s true potential.

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