Gold Board lab to be moved in `shortest possible time’ – ministry

Under growing pressure over concerns about the health of workers in the GGMC compound on Brickdam, the Ministry of Natural Resources tonight announced that the lab attached to the Guyana Gold Board would be removed in the shortest possible time.

A statement by the Ministry of Natural Resources follows:

The Ministry of Natural Resources today convened a special meeting with officials (of) the Guyana Gold Board and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission to discuss and resolve ongoing issues of the threat of mercury emissions and the closure of the laboratory attached to the Guyana Gold Board.

Noting the Minister’s previous statements and the GGB’s and GGMC shared conclusion that it was in the best interest of all that the laboratory be re-located, the critical decision was today taken that the laboratory would be moved within the shortest possible time so as to safeguard the health of workers of the GGMC and Gold Board. The intention of the Ministry of Natural Resources is to have the laboratory moved in the first instance and then the administrative offices of the Board thereafter.

In attendance at the meeting was Dr. David Singh, head of the recently appointed Review Committee, who shared his expert knowledge and advice on the best steps to be taken to ensure success and a smooth transition of operations. In the coming days suitable sites will be scouted for both short and long term solutions.

All parties in attendance recognised the critical contribution of gold to the Guyana economy, and by extension, the Guyana Gold Board, and in that regard, resolved to cooperate to ensure the minimal disruption of operations.


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