Two stabbed in Timehri prison violence

A warder and an inmate were stabbed this morning at the Timehri Prison, according to the Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels.

At around 8.55 am,  Samuels said that a convicted murderer stabbed a remanded murder accused with an improvised weapon. Based on information received from the Officer in Charge of the Prison, the prisoner who sustained injuries had made threats to the life of a prison officer yesterday and also disturbed the other prisoners by kicking against a steel door last night.

It was during the morning routine  that the attack took place, Samuels said. Three officers attempted to part the combatants and one officer sustained two stab wounds to his arm and temple. The prisoner reportedly received eight stab wounds about his body. Both injured persons are receiving medical attention. The matter will be investigated by both police and prison officers.

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